Sim Cards

Sim Card | Mobile/cellular phone

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a portable data chip used in the cellphone industry that operate on the Global System for Mobile Communications network(GSM). The sim chips hold the information of the account holder, phone number, address book, text messages, and other data. Sim cards are a great way to switch phones or upgrade as it swaps to the new phone in seconds. *Note: Phones that operate on the CDMA network do not use SIM cards some exceptions may apply.

Activating a SIM Card

Each carrier or company has their own proprietary sim card. You will need to call in or use online tools from the carriers to activate the new sim chips. Once the sim chip is activated you can get refills or swap to a new phone in seconds given the phone is compatible with GSM and has a sim card slot. Activation is quick and easy.

Prepaid Sim card

Prepaid sim cards are a great way to unlock a phone that is tied to a certain carrier. Many people who travel abroad find it necessary to get a prepaid sim chip to avoid paying high charges from their primary carrier. They can keep all the same setting on their phones while just swapping out the sim chip for cheaper rates. This method can give the traveler a local number to help with calling charges on for the other party.

Sim card types

SIM cards are made in three different sizes. Most phones use mini-SIM(5 mm by 15 mm) or micro-SIM cards(15 mm by 12 mm). With the proper adapters or punch out tool you can make the sim card work for your device. Most sim cards are mini and micro. Sim cards are specific to each carrier.

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