Free government phone locations

This map shows you the location of lifeline sign ups by different companies. Search your zip code to find free government phone locations near you. You can sign up for the lifeline program. Please call the the company in advance. Some of these places are tents or tables outside of stores. Our list of free government phone locations are updated daily to ensure quality content.

      Free government phone locations in the united states can be added here. Ask the administrator to add a location of an event to the Free government phone locations map. Smartphones in California are now available online. Use the Free government phone locations tool to sign up locally and save time. This tool is brought to you by reachout wireless. We constantly update the details throughout the tool to give you the most accurate information. The contact section will allow multiple ways to contact these companies to receive a free government phone.

      Free government phone location Map Tool features

      • Free resource for finding free government phone signups
      • Detailed information only we have
      • Updated everyday
      • Browse for the best company
      • All US states included in search
      • Enter zip code for directions
      • Finds closest sign up tent or location from your location
      • Helpful tips

      Tip: Make sure to call in ahead of time a make sure they have the best phone and service available to you. New lifeline regulation require you to wait 60 days before you can switch companies unless you have services issues. Newer phones on the lifeline program will be quad core and have some speed. look out for good deal on service including 4g and get the best device you ca. The Free government phone locations are marked so you can easily go get a free phone. sign up takes less than 15 minutes for a free phone. The locations of signups seem to be around dollar stores and other various marts.

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