Qualification for low income help in California

Requirements for lifeline

Conditions needing met

  • Work 40 hours or less a week
  • MAke 11.50 an hour or less
  • Live in california
  • Live in a household with others who do not have jobs or the total household income does not go above 24,000 per year.
  • Have a clean criminal record

Programs That you may qualify  below are made to help you

Phones Landline or smart cell phone


Once created for landlines(Home phone), the new lifeline program now includes a free smartphone and unlimited minutes and texting. Some companies include some 3G data while others might have 4G. you can purchase additional web data plans at reduced rates using this lifeline program.

Medical and dental Insurance


Medi-cal is a state ran program which offers IEHP brand of insurance. IEHP is a branch of medi-cal and is still considered medi-cal. This insurance can cover all necessary dental cost for 0.00$ out the door. You can get dental done at any place that accepts denti-cal so call ahead first. Your IEHP card can help you get medical care for free via ER, doctor visit, or urgent care. By having an IEHP card you can sign up to the lifeline phone program listed above. Sign up is fast and could take as little as 15 minutes for a free smartphone.

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