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Make the switch to ReachOut wireless


ReachOut wireless cell phone service is cheap. It also runs off the nation’s most popular networks and you can finally pay for what you need. no more overage charges or hidden fees. You can also bring your own phone (BYOP) given it’s compatible with a standard sim card. Sim cards contain information about your carrier and also can hold data like contacts. The sim cards are sold in family packs as well. The family packs of sim cards are discounted and very affordable in 2016. With three easy steps you will have the mobile phone freedom you always wanted with the support from an american based company 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

1.)Buy a compatible sim card. (Not sure? 24/7 chat ready to assist!)

2.)Install chip into phones slot often found under the battery. Activate the chip thought the manufacture.

3.)Purchase refills also called top ups to fit your data, talk, and text needs. *We recommend PagePlus on the VZ network.

No more contracts and hidden fees. Auto debit card payment setups available as well.

ReachOut Mobile hotspots


Certain android phones can share internet connection. This is called a mobile hotspot and is just shared wifi. Reachout wireless offers many mobile hotspot setups and should be discussed upon before purchase. The wifi mobile hotspot allows you to share your 3G and 4G LTE data with other devices and computers.

Reachout wireless gaming on hotspot

Once your device or phone is connected to a computer with full version of windows OS you can begin to share you internet again but with devices such as the xbox360 or xbox one. You can also share your connection with other gaming equipment like play station.

Connecting your gaming equipment to your computer’s ethernet port(RJ45, cat5, cat6). Connect your phone’s usb cable to your computer and share the internet through the setting app or tab. In windows go to your network adapters page. Select the USB connection and the ethernet connection(Wire to device) and select bridge option in windows. The bridge option marries the two connection so you gaming devices can get internet from your computer. Your computer get the internet from your phones wireless signal and sends it to the pc through its usb cable.

Gaming: Data Usage

The data from gaming can be different for all games but for the most part this data consumption is low. The most struggle gamers will find is signal strength and maxed out cell towers(to many users in the area). You can place your mobile hotspot on a satellite dish to boost signal and performance. A small 18 inch satellite dish can improve signal and dramatically improve online play. You can also you existing dish but watch out as they can emit rays that are bad for you. Stay clear of the satellites face when cable tv or other electronics are active on the dish for safety. The best setup is always indoors with a used DTV or dish network satellite. They just collect the signals and strengthen them in one spot.


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