Facebook Phishing | They allow it to happen.

Facebook has been know for shady advertisers, creepy data mining(cookies), and allowing the phishing website links to stay active under fake profiles. Since the profiles are not getting banned we thought we would write a story about it warning you of these dangerous profiles. This guide will help you tell friend from foe and what to look out for in a fake profile. By following this guide you can help make the community safe online and free from commercial interests and hackers.

Example of a malicious post:

Phishing for data

List of profiles are connected to malware/viruses/phishing/scamming or illegal ads. Warning these profiles are dangerous and you should stay clear of them and block them all after reporting them.

Corrupt facebook users:

/wenfeng.feng.3 know as Wenfeng feng

*Banned(No url to post) Lisa Karimi

*Banned(No url to post) Jennifer Cammarota

/syedmehmood.naqvi know as Syed Mehmood Hassan Naqvi

*Banned(No url to post) Malik Malik

/harold.gullikson know as the Ring leader: Harold gullikson

/marsha.hall.142 known as Marsha Hall

/anne.daina know as anne Daine

/doretta.lee.3 know as Dorretta Lee

/profile.php?id=100009035972062 known as Michelle Kaylee

*Banned(No url to post) Nicole Tokunaga

/deaein.aensie know as Deaein Aensie

/profile.php?id=100004905584151 know as alexis Ruthann

/horvitzola Known as Horvitz Ola

/profile.php?id=100008065307064 Kellie dian

/herbert.ertl.921 known as Nicole toppa

/profile.php?id=100010085261875 Theresa Cook

/profile.php?id=100006271098343 Hazel Collins

/fidelio.hanke known as Jessica Watchorn

/derk.lorbes know as Derk Lorbes

/hebert.wojciech known as Hebert Wojciech

/profile.php?id=100009267057125 known as danielle Sutton

/profile.php?id=100009932356957 Mary Williams

/profile.php?id=100004186278398 Pamela Tucker

A team of IT gurus/hackers/programmers have identified these profiles as harmful or connected to harmful content and people. Please take a second to report these profiles if you to feel they are breaking the community apart with fake facebook accounts and phishing scams to get your info.

Here is an example post. This person is not affiliated with amazon yet they have amz in the url and they collect your personal information. The job at amazon for 19$/Hr does not exist. Only after you are redirected 2-4 times do they ask for personal info like you are signing up for amazon job but again the job doesn’t exist the company is just collecting info and advertising for http://fulfillmentcareers [.] info. This website is a user made blog with no proper commercial contact numbers/email. The website owner has hidden their details because they are phishing.

We are working to get this website taken off the internet. We look forward to an update from the IT guys and gals. We will post updated material here.

Author: Unknown or hidden for privacy.

facebook malware warning


This is a pattern left behind that shows these are not real people. It’s the same group above liking and sharing content until it catches mainstream. This ad has personally come up in my feed yet facebook wont take it down.

facebook abuse
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