Palm To Pines Canvas Awnings | Palm Desert

Palms To Pines Canvas Awnings Review:

Palms To Pines Canvas Awnings use quality material that has a ten year warranty for environmental damages and wear. The turn around time for product is great and the production is all crafted in house by professional artist and metal workers. They Have professionally sown material and can handle large jobs and canvas coverings. The tools the installers use are high quality so they get in and out fast. Palm To Pines Canvas Awnings using quality parts, metals, paints, and cables for their awning builds and structures.

Location: Palm To Pines Canvas Awnings is located in Palm Desert, California USA.


*Palms To Pines canvas has been caught donating their time to schools and low income individuals who have needed repairs. We recommend Palm To Pines Canvas Awnings to take on big jobs because of the fast pace and turn around time in house. They always get the job right and will continue to work with you until you are happy.

It’s no wonder Palms to pines has been serving the Coachella Valley for over 30+Years! Great service, professional work and nice turn around time.

*By mentioning this review/article you will receive a discount on your Awning needs, Code: “ReachOut74”.

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