LifeLine Discount Requirements

In 1985 the Lifeline program was established providing millions of Americans the opportunities and security that phone service can bring. Since 1985 low income qualified Americans in any state have been using the life line program to communicate with employment, family, and emergency services. Lifeline discounts were approved for pre-paid wireless service. Internet was adopted under the lifeline program in 2012. The same way wireless service was introduced.

Tip: Lifeline is part of the USF or universal Service Fund

To qualify for the life line program participants must have an income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Example: 3/16/2014 California 1-2 members in household making less that 21000 will qualify.

Tip: Only one single lifeline service and phone per household!

You can also qualify if you are in one of the following programs:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Federal Public House Assistance (Section 8)
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program
Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met) or
State assistance programs (if applicable)

Tip: You may NOT have a land-line (Home phone) & wireless cell on the life line program as it violates the Terms of service!

Only a select amount of broadband cell service companies will take part in the experimental program. ReachOut wireless was chosen to test the widespread deployment of high-speed internet also know as broadband.

ReachOut wireless Broadband

All 9 companies with Mobile phone lifeline discount revealed

Here is a list of the 9 companies in california that offer the lifeline discount under mobile phone service. This list was compiled on 8/10/2017.

Airvoice Wireless
Network: AT&T

Safety net
Network: T-Mobile

Stand up
Network: T-Mobile

Access wireless
Network: Sprint Nationwide Network

Life wireless
Network: AT&T

Total call mobile
(now entouch)
Network: Sprint Verizon
oasis market 13163 Palm drive Desert hot springs ca 92240
mon-fri 9am-5pm

Safe Link
Network: verizon

True Connect
Network: T-Mobile

Assurance Wireless

Network: T-mobile

Qualification for low income help in California

Requirements for lifeline

Conditions needing met

  • Work 40 hours or less a week
  • MAke 11.50 an hour or less
  • Live in california
  • Live in a household with others who do not have jobs or the total household income does not go above 24,000 per year.
  • Have a clean criminal record

Programs That you may qualify  below are made to help you

Phones Landline or smart cell phone


Once created for landlines(Home phone), the new lifeline program now includes a free smartphone and unlimited minutes and texting. Some companies include some 3G data while others might have 4G. you can purchase additional web data plans at reduced rates using this lifeline program.

Medical and dental Insurance


Medi-cal is a state ran program which offers IEHP brand of insurance. IEHP is a branch of medi-cal and is still considered medi-cal. This insurance can cover all necessary dental cost for 0.00$ out the door. You can get dental done at any place that accepts denti-cal so call ahead first. Your IEHP card can help you get medical care for free via ER, doctor visit, or urgent care. By having an IEHP card you can sign up to the lifeline phone program listed above. Sign up is fast and could take as little as 15 minutes for a free smartphone.

How to cook corn on the cob

Corn on the kobb comes in different varieties. The white corn is very sweet  while the yellow corn tends to taste more corny. Every color corn has a unique taste. Each corn type has a place in the culinary world for flavor. Sit back andcorn with butter and salt/pepper relax as we dive into the maize maze. This article aims to help you cook the perfect corn on the kobb as well as prepare corn into dishes. We want to be transparent with corn and the misunderstanding some may have about this crop.

Corn was breed thousands of years ago from a tiny corn bush called “Balsas teosinte” with tiny single kernel cobs that didn’t get very big. The balsas teosinte looks just like corn. It was breed to grow upward in stocks and produce large yields. Over time this breeding has made the corn we now eat today and is the reason corn is the number one farmed crop. While corn is not the most human consumed crop, it sure plays a big role as the most farmed plant in the world. Many countries have found uses for corn and corn byproducts in fuel and manufacturing.

The yellow Corn

yellow corn on the cob

Yellow corn has a strong corn flavor and is great when mixed with animal fats and chilis. Yellow corn can develop a ripe stinky but pleasant corn flavor if prepared properly. Some corn tortillas have this beautiful corn stench and goes great with mexican cooked meats and cilantro and onion. Often you will find yellow corn canned or frozen in large quantity. Yellow corn is softer than white and when frozen can produce soggy kernels. Yellow corn flour is often mixed with animal lard to make tamales. Use yellow corn where the other seasoning are strong or you got spice.

The White Corn

White corn is very delicious on a hot summer day. The white corn is very sweet and crunchy. This corn goes well with dishes that need a hint of refreshing corn flavor with an added crunch for texture. White corn is great for enchiladas that need mild corn flavor. White corn goes good with seafood and white fish.

How to choose good corn kernels from the grocery store

Always open your corn husk in the store. Corn is known for having worms in the top of rotten stocks and lacking quality. If the corn is sold by the piece and not by the pound, open up the stocks in store and remove the hairs. Place them in a bag. You can remove the husks like a banana peel leaving the end attached. Remove the hairs and inspect every kernel for quality. Juicy corn will have big plump kernels that swell. The low quality corn will have dimples and look “sucked up”. Stay away from rotten or dehydrated kernels as they are not sweet or could make food taste unappealing. If the corn is sold by the pound save the hairs you removed so you can purchase them so your not stealing corn products.


The best way to cook white corn  on the cob

Step 1.) Peel back corn husk like a banana peel leaving the end attached.

Step 2.) Remove corn hair fibers.

Step 3.) Lather the corn cob with real salted butter 1-tablespoons

Step 4.) Pull the corn back into it husk and seal it up with a homemade husk string. Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon.

Step 5.)Place the corn in the oven or on the grill at 350-400 degrees and cook for 20 minutes. Adding tinfoil saves the butter juices.

No Waste. Animals like corn too

Animals like chickens and dogs love the leftover corn and cob. The dog gets the corn this time. Corn is energy for chickens. They love corn fresh and dried. animals and corn

Top 5 cheapest cellphone companies in California

1. Qlink Wireless: Save big time. Get fast speeds. Get a free smartphone.
2. Straight Talk from walmart on the verizon network. They offer 45 for unlimited everything 5GB data r 65 for this with 10GB datTop 5 cheapest cellphone plans in californiaa.
3.Total Wireless: 35$ a month get you unlimited minutes and text with 2GB data. A lite user might like this plan with no contract.
4. Virgin mobile: 35$ unlimited everything with 5GB data
5.Criket: 25$ month unlimited talk and text. Heavy 4g internet add-ons available.

Facebook Phishing | They allow it to happen.

Facebook has been know for shady advertisers, creepy data mining(cookies), and allowing the phishing website links to stay active under fake profiles. Since the profiles are not getting banned we thought we would write a story about it warning you of these dangerous profiles. This guide will help you tell friend from foe and what to look out for in a fake profile. By following this guide you can help make the community safe online and free from commercial interests and hackers.

Example of a malicious post:

Phishing for data

List of profiles are connected to malware/viruses/phishing/scamming or illegal ads. Warning these profiles are dangerous and you should stay clear of them and block them all after reporting them.

Corrupt facebook users:

/wenfeng.feng.3 know as Wenfeng feng

*Banned(No url to post) Lisa Karimi

*Banned(No url to post) Jennifer Cammarota

/syedmehmood.naqvi know as Syed Mehmood Hassan Naqvi

*Banned(No url to post) Malik Malik

/harold.gullikson know as the Ring leader: Harold gullikson

/marsha.hall.142 known as Marsha Hall

/anne.daina know as anne Daine

/doretta.lee.3 know as Dorretta Lee

/profile.php?id=100009035972062 known as Michelle Kaylee

*Banned(No url to post) Nicole Tokunaga

/deaein.aensie know as Deaein Aensie

/profile.php?id=100004905584151 know as alexis Ruthann

/horvitzola Known as Horvitz Ola

/profile.php?id=100008065307064 Kellie dian

/herbert.ertl.921 known as Nicole toppa

/profile.php?id=100010085261875 Theresa Cook

/profile.php?id=100006271098343 Hazel Collins

/fidelio.hanke known as Jessica Watchorn

/derk.lorbes know as Derk Lorbes

/hebert.wojciech known as Hebert Wojciech

/profile.php?id=100009267057125 known as danielle Sutton

/profile.php?id=100009932356957 Mary Williams

/profile.php?id=100004186278398 Pamela Tucker

A team of IT gurus/hackers/programmers have identified these profiles as harmful or connected to harmful content and people. Please take a second to report these profiles if you to feel they are breaking the community apart with fake facebook accounts and phishing scams to get your info.

Here is an example post. This person is not affiliated with amazon yet they have amz in the url and they collect your personal information. The job at amazon for 19$/Hr does not exist. Only after you are redirected 2-4 times do they ask for personal info like you are signing up for amazon job but again the job doesn’t exist the company is just collecting info and advertising for http://fulfillmentcareers [.] info. This website is a user made blog with no proper commercial contact numbers/email. The website owner has hidden their details because they are phishing.

We are working to get this website taken off the internet. We look forward to an update from the IT guys and gals. We will post updated material here.

Author: Unknown or hidden for privacy.

facebook malware warning


This is a pattern left behind that shows these are not real people. It’s the same group above liking and sharing content until it catches mainstream. This ad has personally come up in my feed yet facebook wont take it down.

facebook abuse

ReachOut October Contest: BlackBerry BOLD

Welcome to the official ReachOut Wireless October contest Page! Comment below and we will pick a winner from the comment section on halloween night. Please Follow the guidelines:

Your comment should be about a paragraph long.

Don’t worry too much about spelling as we will help correct some.

Topics to write about:

  • What is frustrating about your current carrier or previous if you have none now?
  • What steps can be taken to solve your issues and frustrations that would also help others?
  • List some pros and cons of your cell phone and or carrier.
  • Are you secure on your mobile device?

These are appropriate topics for the contest. Please comment below for a chance to win a refurbished blackberry BOLD from ReachOut Wireless. The Blackberry BOLD will be from the Verizon CDMA network.

BlackBerry BOLD Pictures coming soon.

ReachOut Wireless Free Phone (Blackberry Bold)

Free phone

pumpkin theme logoReachOut Wireless is giving out Free phones this october. We plan to give out phones every month as long as we can keep up with supply and demand. We rely on your donations of old electronics. You can send in your old or outdated cell phones here using this form. The phones for this october reachout wireless event will be blackberry curves. ReachOut is giving away a blackberry bold for halloween night. See Contest below.

ReachOut Wireless Contest Instructions:

1.)Watch out for a future blog post here titled: “ReachOut October Contest: BlackBerry BOLD”

2.)Comment the most frustrating thing you can think of with you current or previous wireless provider. We would also like to know how you would make it better if you were in charge.

3.)Halloween night the winner is chosen and emailed for details on the prize(Phone).



ReachOut Wireless Cell Phone Service | Mobile Hotspot

Make the switch to ReachOut wireless


ReachOut wireless cell phone service is cheap. It also runs off the nation’s most popular networks and you can finally pay for what you need. no more overage charges or hidden fees. You can also bring your own phone (BYOP) given it’s compatible with a standard sim card. Sim cards contain information about your carrier and also can hold data like contacts. The sim cards are sold in family packs as well. The family packs of sim cards are discounted and very affordable in 2016. With three easy steps you will have the mobile phone freedom you always wanted with the support from an american based company 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

1.)Buy a compatible sim card. (Not sure? 24/7 chat ready to assist!)

2.)Install chip into phones slot often found under the battery. Activate the chip thought the manufacture.

3.)Purchase refills also called top ups to fit your data, talk, and text needs. *We recommend PagePlus on the VZ network.

No more contracts and hidden fees. Auto debit card payment setups available as well.

ReachOut Mobile hotspots


Certain android phones can share internet connection. This is called a mobile hotspot and is just shared wifi. Reachout wireless offers many mobile hotspot setups and should be discussed upon before purchase. The wifi mobile hotspot allows you to share your 3G and 4G LTE data with other devices and computers.

Reachout wireless gaming on hotspot

Once your device or phone is connected to a computer with full version of windows OS you can begin to share you internet again but with devices such as the xbox360 or xbox one. You can also share your connection with other gaming equipment like play station.

Connecting your gaming equipment to your computer’s ethernet port(RJ45, cat5, cat6). Connect your phone’s usb cable to your computer and share the internet through the setting app or tab. In windows go to your network adapters page. Select the USB connection and the ethernet connection(Wire to device) and select bridge option in windows. The bridge option marries the two connection so you gaming devices can get internet from your computer. Your computer get the internet from your phones wireless signal and sends it to the pc through its usb cable.

Gaming: Data Usage

The data from gaming can be different for all games but for the most part this data consumption is low. The most struggle gamers will find is signal strength and maxed out cell towers(to many users in the area). You can place your mobile hotspot on a satellite dish to boost signal and performance. A small 18 inch satellite dish can improve signal and dramatically improve online play. You can also you existing dish but watch out as they can emit rays that are bad for you. Stay clear of the satellites face when cable tv or other electronics are active on the dish for safety. The best setup is always indoors with a used DTV or dish network satellite. They just collect the signals and strengthen them in one spot.


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